The Texas Repeater Network

A network of Internet linked 2-way ham radio repeaters

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Texas Repeater Network was started as a place to just give us repeater owners a place to connect up to a hub on a fast Internet connection, it has grown and we welcomed others to join the network.  Connect up to the network and come say howdy and sit a spell and hang out with some Texas folk, swap a few tall tales and discuss technical topics.  We welcome everyone as long as they play nice...  Thanks to the Internet we have world wide connectivity and often have stations from all over the place connected to our network.  From Alaska, to New Zealand, to Bulgaria, to England, you just never know who may be connected today.  Come join in the conversation!

Texas Repeater Network is not a "club".  There are no dues.  But if you have some spare lottery winnings you want to share, we could put it to good use!  There are no membership lists kept.  Well, except for this one.  There are no club meetings.  Except for bumping into each other on the air.  There is no political structure to our organization. But there are a couple of decision makers.  It is more along the lines of a loose-knit collaboration of technically experienced volunteer minded individuals (With FM VHF/UHF repeaters and simplex nodes) with common goals - and we like it that way!  We are just a bunch of guys that like talking on our radios, with FM clarity, across the globe or across the state to our friends we find there on the air, via nodes we spread around.  The Internet binds us together more reliably than the fickle whims of the ionosphere. It makes global communication from a handy talkie very possible.  Come join in the conversation!

"I find it rather cool to be able to talk to the world with a small handy talkie while sitting on the porch at our home out in the country, while BBQing and enjoying a sunset with a glass of 46 year old bourbon...  It sure beats most peoples lives, any day." - N5MBM

We do have a few rules and guidlines for using the system.  Please look them over by clicking here.

Updated 10/24/2017

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